Which is the best Multi Currency Prepaid Travel Card?

Multi currency travel cards are essential for an international traveler. However deciding which is the best travel card and is Value for Money is a daunting task especially when the market is flooded with so many options. Consumer VOICE experts compared travel cards on basis of cross country transactions, issuance fee and other parameters to list the best travel card.


Multi currency travel cards are prepaid cards that one can load with foreign currency in India (these cannot be used in India, Nepal and Bhutan, though). These cards can be swiped at merchant outlets and also used to withdraw cash at ATMs. For people travelling to more than one foreign destination, this does away with the need to carry multiple cards (going all-cash is not a bright thing to do either—think exchange-rate fluctuations). The number of currencies that can be loaded onto a multi-currency travel card depends on the bank issuing it. Usually, one can expect major currencies such as US dollar, Canadian dollar and Australian dollar to be included. Convenient and hassle-free, sure, but is it also as easy to get or even understand? The following report will shed light on everything that needs to be known about this important modern-day travel accessory.

Travel Cards Studied:

  • Axis Multi Currency Forex Card
  • HDFC Multi Currency ForexPlus
  • Kotak Multi Currency World Travel Card
  • KVB Multi Currency Travel Card


  • ICICI Multi Currency Travel Card
  • PNB World Travel Card
  • SBI Multi Currency Foreign Travel Card
  • IDBI- Global Currency Card



  • Available currencies,
  • Reissuance/replacement/loss of card fee
  • Cross-currency transaction fee
  • Availability of card liability insurance cover
  • ATM withdrawal fee
  • ATM withdrawal limit per day


  • Issuance fee and reloading fee in India
  • Duplicate PIN fee
  • Re-issuance of PIN fee
  • Availability of add-on card
  • Validity of card
  • Consumer feedback


Consumer VOICE Recommendations

Most popular travel cards along with their scores on each parameter have been listed below. By studying each parameter, we arrived at the BEST BUY, GOOD BUY & FAIR BUY in the travel cards.




Axis Multi Currency Forex Card

HDFC Multi Currency ForexPlus

Kotak Multi Currency World Travel Card and KVB Multi Currency Travel Card



a All charges are denoted in Rs/USD (as converted) for comparative study.
b) USD: US dollars
c) NS: not specified
d) We have analysed travel cards offered by banks on a multi-currency platform.
e) We have selected only those banks that have disclosed full information on their websites.
f) We have taken the currency conversion rate as 1 USD = Rs. 65.30 (as on 4 October 2017).
g) The above charges are exclusive of GST (18%) w.e.f. 1 July 2017.
h) *Subject to the visiting country’s ATM regulation