Which is the Best Instant Tomato Soup?

Instant Soups have been an instant hit because of their instantaneous availability to curb the hunger pangs. However packaged food comes under the scanner because a few of them fail to meet the recommended dietary allowance or RDA and safe consumption parameters. We at Consumer VOICE compared 6 popular brands to find out the safest and the best instant tomato soup in terms of energy, protein, fat, sugar and salt levels.


Comfort food, starter, or a light-meal accompaniment, instant tomato soup is as handy as it gets. Being an easy and relatively affordable option for people, too short on time to cook and/or eat something healthier, it has gained in popularity. Moreover, based on claims by brands, instant tomato soups are supposed to give us instant energy, protein and fibre, among other things. As consumers, it is up to us to check the genuineness of brands’ claims and understand the information given on the food labels of the packets that we pick up.

Often high in salt, sugar and fat, instant tomato soups should be eaten sparingly and when we do that, our choice of brand should be based on a proper understanding of the information given on the packet. Given that nutrition labels are not always simple enough to interpret, or standardized for enabling comparison among brands in a specific category, we have pulled out the essential details and compared these on Traffic Light Labeling System to know the safe ranges on the basis of which we as consumers can make informed choices. 


  • Bambino by Bambino Agro Industries Ltd
  • Ching  by Capital Foods Pvt. Ltd
  • Keya by Keya Foods International Pvt. Ltd



  • Knorr by Hindustan Unilever Ltd
  • Maggi by Nestle India Ltd
  • Tasty treat by Future Consumer Ltd



  • Energy provided as per RDA
  • Protein as per RDA
  • Dietary fiber



  • Nutrition labelling
  • Traffic light labelling


Energy, Protein and Fibre per Serving

NM – not mentioned

Read more about: RDA or Recommended Dietary Allowance

Key Findings

  • Energy value was highest in Keya (58.50 kcal per serving) and lowest in Maggi (43.0 kcal).
  • Protein was found highest in Bambino (1.3 gm per serving) and lowest in Tasty Treat (0.6 gm).
  • Declaration of dietary fibre is not mandatory under the current regulations on food products label. Among the brands that have declared their dietary fibre amount, it was found highest in Bambino (1.0 gm in one serving) and lowest in Knorr and Maggi (both 0.5 gm). Ching’s, Keya and Tasty Treat have not mentioned dietary fibre on their labels.

Traffic Light Rating of Instant Tomato Soup Brands

NM: Not mentioned
*Converted by multiplying sodium with 2.54

Read more about: Traffic Light Labeling System 

Key Findings

  • Traffic light for fat was green in Tasty Treat. It was amber in the other brands – this means one may consume it occasionally.
  • Traffic light for sugar was amber in Bambino, Maggi and Tasty Treat. It was red in Ching’s, Keya and Knorr – this means one may consume these sparingly.
  • In brands that have declared salt/sodium, traffic light was red. In fact, consumption of one serve of Bambino tomato soup means that more than one-third of an adult’s daily requirement of salt has been met. Lowest salt was declared in Knorr.

Unit Price

The unit price gives a fair idea about the cheapest and costliest brands.

Key Findings

  • As per unit price per serve, Ching’s is the cheapest brand and Keya and Maggi (both single-serve packs) are the costliest.