Which is the Best Frost Free Refrigerator

Consumer VOICE experts compared 18 models of 6 most popular brands of frost free refrigerators to help you decide on the best frost free refrigerator that suits your requirements. The models that we picked to compare refrigerators are of 240-300 litres capacity.


The refrigerator (or fridge) has come a long way from being a luxury item to a necessary appliance today. It not only preserves the nutrients in our food, but also keeps our food safe for consumption by keeping bacterial growth at bay for a longer period. Of course, it also keeps our favorite beverages cool and ready to be served. These are all things we can agree on. But when it comes to buying a refrigerator, we all will have a different take on which brand or model or capacity is optimal. Apart from personal tastes, that choice will largely depend on the storage capacity we need, our eating habits, space in the house and most importantly our budget. While comparing various frost free refrigerators, we also compiled a refrigerator buying guide to help you decide on your requirements and understand types of refrigerators, know important refrigerator features and refrigerator usage tips.

The very large number of models in the market may make the whole process more complicated than expected. Just the brand name may not be sufficient to base a buying decision on. Here, we bring to you some consolidated basic research on frost-free refrigerators.


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Comparison of Frost Free Refrigerators, 240–300 litres capacity

For our survey, we shortlisted 18 regular-selling brands of double-door, frost-free refrigerators of 240–300 litres capacity. We conducted the survey during August–September 2017.

Source: Company websites and brochures, BEE website, TVJ magazine, and information collected from Delhi NCR retailers

Note: Price may vary from retailer to retailer. Before buying please check detailed specification on the company’s website and compare the models.