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What is Proprietary Food?

Most food supplements in India are proprietary foods like energy drinks. But India is working towards providing safe food to one and all as unregulated food has now come under the scanner of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). Unregulated food product which is known as Proprietary Food as per FSSAI is that food which has not been standardized as per any regulation and has no definite formulation. They are non-standardized food products that are being manufactured in India for centuries.

Standardized Food Proprietary Food
Standardized foods are those foods which are under FSSAI regulations eg. Biscuits, jams, sauces and fruit drinks Proprietary Foods are those which are not standardized under FSSAI regulations eg, energy drinks and custard powder which contain starch, dextrose, flavor and colour. These foods can be made from milk or milk products.

Proprietary Food and FSSAI Regulations

However, the FSSAI notification of 2016 has amended the existing guidelines of proprietary foods and it should conform to the following requirements:

  • Can only use those ingredients for which standards are available in the regulations
  • Ingredients which have been permitted for use in the preparation of other standardised food products
  • Proprietary food shall comply with the microbiological requirements

Who is responsible for Proprietary Food?

It is important for someone to take responsibility of proprietary food; after all it is for human consumption. Food Business Operators (FBO) would be solely responsible for the safety of the food and any violation would mean that the product will no longer be designated as Proprietary Food. Any licensed FBO can produce and sell proprietary Food as long as he complies with the standards for the product prescribed under the act and rules.

Meanwhile, consumers should be elated that a much needed contended issue has now received some guidelines and one can have such foods with ease.

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