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Some Healthy Tips for sugar free diet

The first step towards overcoming sugar addiction and stop sugar cravings is to become aware that you are addicted to sugar or such food items. Maintaining a food diary will help a lot. It will help you to understand your food-consumption pattern. What compels you to binge-eat? Is there any specific time during the day when you are compelled to binge-eat? Do you eat more when you are stressed? Jot down the food items that mostly trigger binge-eating. Having put your first forward towards witching to sugar free diet, a self- driven approach is the next step to overcome sugar addiction. Like any other addiction, one can overcome sugar addiction with constant motivation.

Some Healthy Tips for sugar free diet

  • Do not replace sugar with artificial sweetener. This could be dangerous. Reduce the amount of sugar that you consume. Switch to low sugar foods.
  • Reduce the consumption of refined cereals such as pasta, cornflakes and bread.
  • Get proper sleep. This will help in controlling sugar cravings.
  • Have small and frequent meals. This will help you to avoid binge- eating.
  • Stay hydrated. We often confuse thirst with hunger. This can in turn lead to consumption of sugary drinks.

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