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The ‘Ifs’ And ‘Buts’ of Health Insurance

The common adage ‘Health is Wealth’, becomes all the more important when we actually fall ill and to get cured we have to pay huge medical bills. Medical insurance will not ensure that we do not fall ill but it will definitely guarantee a hassle free medical treatment. Even expense on routine health checkups burn a hole in the pocket!

There are various types of medical insurance policies run both by the private and public sector. Some are cashless some require reimbursement. Some are for specific treatment like cancer and tuberculosis, some require hospitalization. But what are the ifs and buts of health insurance. But there are wide gaps between what is promised and what is served as when you buy a health insurance it is often laced with sweetness which might not be the case.

Experts from the field will debate and discuss on the very important topic of health insurance in the upcoming Consumer Conversation Series. 

Simply register yourself for a debate and discussion on the ‘ifs and buts’ of health insurance.

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