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Investor Education & Awareness

Investor Education & Awareness

Event Description

As a part of monthly Consumer Conversation Series, Consumer VOICE organized the 4th seminar on the topic of ‘Investor Education & Awareness: Know your rights & benefits of investing money’ on May 18th, 2017 at Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre.

Event content

Investor Education & Awareness - Know about your rights & benefits of investing money

Different investment avenues are available to the investors. However, ignorance on investment opportunities and lack of knowledge puts individuals on the wrong side. Investors may seek advice from experts in this forum which will educate and disseminate information on all types of investments – the risks and expected yields associated with it. This is an attempt by Consumer Voice to provide a platform and help you take wise investment decisions.

Panellists :

1. Mr Surya Kant Sharma, DGM, SEBI
2. Prof Suraj Prakash, Delhi University
3. Mr Neeraj Chauhan, CFP, The Financial Mall

Event Update

The session began at 6:30 PM with tea & networking, followed by Introduction and Opening speech by Mr Anand Pandeya, Director – Outreach, Consumer VOICE. He elaborated as to why Investors need to be aware and sharp in this volatile environment, where all financial consultants & advisors aim to make more money for themselves.


After tea, the panel comprising of Ms Isha Goel, Assistant Professor, Delhi University, Mr Suraj Prakash, Assistant Professor, Delhi University and Mr Neeraj Chauhan, CFP, The Financial Mall was welcomed on stage. The audience was briefed by the state of Financial Literacy in India by Isha Goel, post which Prof Prakash gave an introductory presentation about financial planning & ponzi schemes. Lastly, the industry expert Mr Chauhan talked about the behavioral aspects of Investment & financial products that maximize the productivity of funds.

Prof Sri Ram Khanna, Managing Editor, Consumer VOICE informed the audience about the BFSI Desk of the organization that provides legal support, counseling & advisory services for consumers. He highlighted that it is imperative to be cautious and educated when funds are being invested.

A diverse audience comprising of enthusiastic participants from different backgrounds asked questions to the experts on the various financial aspects & expressed interest for more information that empowers them to invest their money safely.

At last, the session ended with note of thanks to panellists & audience. Thereby, the panellists were felicitated by Prof Sri Ram Khanna and copy of May issue of Consumer VOICE magazine was also distributed to the audience for more information.

The next talk is scheduled for 22ndJune, 2017 at Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre at 6:30 PM. The theme of this talk will be ‘Food Safety’ and the panel shall be drawn from FSSAI & CII.

Start Time
06:30 PM
Thursday, May 18, 2017
Finish Time
09:30 PM
Thursday, May 18, 2017
Gulmohar Hall, Habitat World (Entrance via Gate 3),Vardhaman Marg, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi-110003
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