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Gemstones: Fortune or Business Creator

Gemstones: Fortune or Business creator

Yellow Sapphire (Pokhraj) for prosperity, Neelam for wealth and Gomeda for job. These are the few characteristics of the gemstones which are seen as an important part of the astrology. Today, astrology, not only have continued to sway the people, but also seen as a revenue generating business for many.
The gemstone market in India has found many buyers, considered its power to bring fortune in the people’s lives and ward off the evil effect of the stars. The popularity of gemstones is also found in Bollywood. Actors like Amitabh Bachan, Shahid Kapoor, Vidya Balan and Aishwarya Rai were seen wearing different types of gemstones on several occasions. Believers say that gemstones are worn only after the recommendation from the astrologer, who studies the horoscope (Kundli).
Gemstone and Astrology enterprise, Shakti Future Point says that there are lot of people who believe in gemstones, as it really helps in reducing the ill effect of stars in one’s life. “We are visited by many people regarding astrology and gemstones. We read their horoscope and suggest gemstones accordingly,” says Tilak Raj of Shakti Future Point.
On asking what type of stones you suggest to the people, Tilak Raj said it entirely depends on horoscope and the direction (dasha) of the stars. “We recommend gemstones only when we found any ill effect (dosh) in horoscope. Some people are struggling against health, job, financial crunch and marriage; these ill effects are found after studying the horoscope and we suggest gemstones accordingly,” adds Tilak Raj.
Another city astrologer Mr Tiku said that gemstones are very powerful in removing mental disturbance. “The gemstones are definitely effective in removing the ill effect. It is very strong in dealing with the harmful stars like rahu, ketu and shani. These are the three stars which are majorly responsible for hiccups in life. Gemstones are recommended after reading the horoscope very carefully,” says Mr Tiku.
However, the gemstone is not restricted to the Indian sub continent market only, according to news report revealed by the The Gem & Jewellery Export Council of India (GJEPC) in 2006. The report says that due to the rising popularity and demand, gemstones were featured in $100 billion trade between India and China, setting up by the year 2015.
Rajiv Jain, Vice Chairman, Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), during a FICCI conference on Gemstones and Silver Jewelry last year, said that gem and jewellery sector have a tremendous growth in the global market. He pointed out that this fastest growing sector worth US$28 billion has shown 16% growth in 2009-10 in India. Also, the GJEPC has reported a growth of Gem and Jewelry Industry by 22.7 per cent few years back.
Varun Poddar, of Poddar Jewelery at Chandni chowk, says that sale of gemstones is high. He said customers are regularly buying gemstones and enquiring about it. "We deal in all kinds of stones prices ranging from Rs 400 to Rs 20,000 for one precious stone. Stones are mostly brought from Jaipur. Ruby and Blue Saphire (Neelam) are in great demand," Poddar says.
Gemstones are usually believed to remove the ill effects of stars which are causing a problem in one’s life. It is believed that every gemstone has a different function and is worn accordingly. Many people believe that the results after wearing the gemstones are effective. One such case is of a Sanjay Kak, an executive in Mumbai, is very happy and successful today. Stones have brought a fortune in his life. However, few years back, Sanjay was struggling hard to find a job.
"I was not able to find a good job for 3 years. My confidence was dented, and I was frustrated. After wearing Gomeda and Pokhraj stones (recommended by astrologer), I have got very good job with handsome remuneration, and I have witnessed prosperity in short duration," says Sanjay.
While there are many who dismiss the practice of wearing gemstones, Sunil Godinho, an advertising executive says that “I was asked by astrologer to wear Moonga and Pookhraj stones, as I was going through a very rough phase in personal and private life. These two stones cost me heavy and I didn’t witness any change”. He further adds that gemstone have become a “dependable” profession for some goons, who mint money on the name of fortune reader cum changer.
While we cannot deny that the market of gemstones is growing rapidly, and with astrology an important element of people lives, gemstones are in great demand. However, there have been reports that some nincompoops are minting money by fooling people while making gemstones as a medium.

By Aditya Rangroo

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